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Historically, since the beginning of the escalation of the armed conflict in Ukraine, all international, diplomatic and governmental institutions during the evacuation from Kyiv have chosen the Lviv region for a new location. In the future, taking into account the geographical location of Lviv region in the immediate vicinity of the border with the EU and the largest number of checkpoints, in connection with which the largest number of migrants was received in Lviv and district centers of Lviv region.

As of March 19, 2022. According to the United Nations, 3.3 million migrants left for the EU, and the total number of migrants forced to flee the fighting was 6.5 million. At the same time, the flow of migrants is not decreasing due to the launch of "green corridors" in various "hot" locations. There is also a new channel from the EU, migrants who are forced to return to the Lviv region for a number of objective reasons in search of shelter and social and humanitarian assistance. Given the above, the Lviv regional organization of the TCH of Ukraine had to carry out a structural reorganization as soon as possible to launch this project - increasing the staff of various specialists and creating a coordination center for permanent and temporary locations of migrants and rapid response teams. Despite this, our resources are depleted, the flow of migrants is increasing, all this will deepen the humanitarian crisis in the Lviv region, which could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.

Our Purpose

The main purpose of the Lviv Regional Organization of the Red Cross of Ukraine is to protect human life, prevent and alleviate human suffering during armed conflicts, migration, humanitarian crises, natural disasters, catastrophes and accidents, provide assistance to the medical service of the armed forces and health authorities, assistance to the state authorities of Ukraine in their activities in the humanitarian sphere.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help everyone who needs it, regardless of race, religion or class. The Red Cross does not have state subsidies from the budget. We operate with the funds raised from the distribution of membership fees and sponsorship.

Our Values

Human life has always been and will remain the highest value. Organizations of the Red Cross Society. Today, the Organization does not stay away from thousands of refugees and victims of the armed conflict in Ukraine. Everyone who cares is able to help. The organization, in turn, will be an assistant and friend in this difficult time.
  1. International humanitarian law
  2. Assistance to internally displaced persons
  3. Other types of support for the needy

Discover the volunteer in yourself

You can contribute to our common goal - to make this world better, more humane and more open. Volunteering has been an integral part of the International Red Cross movement from the very beginning. If you are volunteering, thinking about such an opportunity, or want to learn more about it, Lviv Regional Organization of the Red Cross Ukraine will gladly welcome you to the ranks of the International Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Crystal Movements.

We accept any help available. If you have a proposal, please contact us via email.